Thursday, July 29, 2010

Snow Lily.. is that a real flower?? ((OLD post))

now this painting, particularly inspired me.
mostly because when i had first seen it, it looked like snow on the branches, then as i got closer and noticed the flowers budding, it made me think:
wow, that's really cool. like winter then spring.
perhaps like the changing of seasons,
or how quickly time passes.
the background of this picture, really inspired me, because of its color, and how it seems to draw me in. i like how it is not just a Burgundy, crisp red, but more of a streaked with white red.. like blood.
its simply fascinating for me.. anyway, i hope you like the short story..
Catill looked out the window into the garden. it was blooming with a vermilion of colors, sweeping the sweet perfume of the flowers into the room. it's scent was luring her out of her chair and towards the back door. of all the scents in the garden, only once perfume, lured her truly.. the smell of the Snow Lily.. imagine the best smell in the world, then double it..
the flower was so rare, that Catill's mother had to lock the garden door so nobody would steal it.
she walked out onto the deck towards the gate that led to the Snow Lily bush.
she walked in and the most beautiful scent in the world hit her. for a moment it was like there was music playing, and Catill almost wanted to reach out and touch its soft brown branches, and possibly caress the Snow Lily's petals...
" CATILL!! GET OUT OF THE GARDEN AND GET STARTED ON YOUR HOMEWORK RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY!" shouted her mother from the house and Catill reluctantly closed the gate and went back inside, to enjoy the fragrance from a far..

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