Saturday, July 24, 2010

JB/MIka/ somethings wrong with me...

look, i will give Justin Bieber as much respect as he deserves, but really his voice will eventually go out when his puberty kicks in, and he will end up on one of those "Where Are They Now" shows for all the has been artists. and sure right now hes young, but youth lasts only so long.

and unless you fight, you burn out easy. its just how it is.. and at this point, Bieber wont get anywhere except into the hearts of 10 year old boy crazy girls with pig tails and an unhealthy addiction to the Jonas Brothers, who will eventually grow out of him and move onto vampires and ware wolfs.....

but Mika, he's lasted this long and his music will continue through the ages. he has serious talent. not computer generated voice synthesizers.. close your eyes and listen. if at that point you're still not satisfied, then there's this cool thing called a mouse. just move it and click something else.

that being said..

i hate when i feel threatened. or when somebody calls something i am passionate about, irrelevant or stupid... Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but do they have to hurt me and my feelings? i say this because someone i'm not particularly close to, but don't mind hearing from now and again, said someone i mentioned on Facebook stupid. i have no personal connection to the person i mentioned.. at least not in the way that i have met them... anyway... i'm just being selfish and stupid......... am i?

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