Wednesday, March 17, 2010


~~NEW YORK, APRIL 14, 2016
Roy McDonnel lay bleeding on the kitchen floor of his 2 room apartment. The phone cord hung off the side of the counter, just inches from his desperate fingers. He coughed and blood filled in this mouth. he spat out dripping blood onto his shirt.
"Help," he wimpered.
His head was starting to feel very light and he suddenly felt sleepy. Were they still in the house? "Stay awake Roy!" he tried to tell himself. Footsteps,then a man's gruff voice: "is he dead?"
"I dont know, lets get out of here," another voice responded.
The front door was shut, cutting off the sounds of the street below. Somebody walked by the room laughing light-heartedly with another. They had no idea. Nobody knew that behind the very door they just passed, had occured a murder. what?

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