Monday, May 10, 2010

Beginner's Luck

i love the way the band phoenix says "miricle" its like magic...=D

stop clicking in my ear, and load the page.
easy now,
Look out,
watch your step,
here let me help
"no I got it"
but I want to show you
"I can do this"
its hard to tell what you mean when you say you
want me there, then ask me to leave
its me who ignores help
its my job to be hero
why do you even care
why do I care?
why does true love hide
and the fake bursts through every wall
because somethings are just meant to be
and others just need to shut up
you are the sun with the sky around you
and you're trying
I see it on your face
trying not to give up
for whatever reason you keep living
keep waking up
keep being an example for me
to change
to move on, dont shed a tear
for me
and every flaw I have
sometimes thigs work out that way

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